Renewable Energy

In 2012 the Michael and Raminta moved to Pueblo, Colorado where Michael performed non-destructive and visual inspection on wind towers and components.

Years later several years in the pipeline and power generation sphere, Raminta and Michael started their inspection business in 2017.


In 2019 we had the opportunity to work with one of the word’s most innovative shops when it comes to hydroelectric power, Obermeyer Hydro.  The Dubai Deep Storm Water Project contracted Obermeyer Hydro and our firm performed inspections for material at Obermeyer Hydro’s facility in Colorado.

2021 was our first project with the Italian power company, Enel.  We had the opportunity to perform inspections for control enclosures for Enel at Intermountain Electronics. 

Later in 2021 we continued in the hydropower arena with Colorado Springs Utilities under Gracon LLC and Trispec LLC at Crystal Reservoir.