Rotating-equipment &

No project can be complete without pumps, compressors and instrumentation.

Nasiriya Integrated Project

Background: The Iraqi Ministry of Oil-MoO prepared a complex contract commensurate with the structure and complexity of Nasiriya Integrated Project-NIP.

Nasiriya refinery was listed in both MoO Plan 2011/14 and in the National Development Plan 2010/14 with 300kbd capacity, among four major new refineries which in total could bring additional 750kbd of refining capacity. Also the Integrated National Energy Strategy-INES 2013 recommends

an export-oriented refinery to add value to crude oil and to diversify energy- related export offerings.

Flow Meters

Emerson and FMC were selected as vendors for the flow meters for the of Nasiriya Integrated Project. The meters were tested at the CEESI viscosity lab in Colorado. Representatives from The Iraqi Oil Ministry, Basra Oil Ministry and our company were present to witness testing and conformance to the projects specifications and standards.